The 1-2017-K9 trial for StablePlate RX™ is underway. StablePlate RX™ is being evaluated in canines with life-threatening bleeding secondary to thrombocytopenia. Safety and efficacy results are anticipated in fall 2017.

BodeVet is working with top veterinarians at academic and private hospitals to advance the standard of care for veterinary patients. StablePlate RX™ stands to revolutionize bleeding management – it is derived from the perishable blood cells that naturally stop bleeding, platelets. As a dry powder, StablePlate RX™ is a controlled, shelf-stable, and easy-to-use platelet substitute.

BodeVet expects that this pivotal trial for StablePlate RX™ may have implications in informing and galvanizing future trials, which may qualify StablePlate RX™ for use in more indications in more animals, or qualify entirely new products.

The healing properties of platelets extend beyond bleeding management, which leaves BodeVet excited to explore further veterinary applications for its platelet-derived products.