BodeVet Awarded $1.7 Million U.S. Army Contract to Conduct Veterinary Clinical Trial in Polytrauma Canine Patients

Study will evaluate administration and effects of freeze-dried platelets and plasma ROCKVILLE, Md. (June 3, 2020) – BodeVet, Inc., a Maryland-based companyfocused on the development of novel blood products for use in veterinary transfusion, announced today that the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) has awarded the company a 2-year contract valued at $1.7 [...]

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Elephant disease causes death by hemorrhage… Lyophilized platelets may help!

Authors: Jennifer C. Kishbaugh, DVM, Marc T. Valitutto, VMD, Janelle E. Over, MS, Dawn M. Zimmerman, DVM, MS, Lauren L. Howard, DVM, Dennis L. Schmitt, DCM, PhD, Carlos R. Sanchez, DVM, Suzan Murray, DVM. The in-human care population of elephants is plagued by an endotheliotropic herpes virus that attacks young elephants and causes an acute [...]

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Wound-healing properties of trehalose-stabilized freeze-dried outdated platelets

Authors: Ruth Sum,* Sarah Hager,* Giorgio Pietramaggiori, Dennis P. Orgill, Josh Dee, Alan Rudolph, Cindy Orser, G. Michael Fitzpatrick, and David Ho Project Overview: Wounds treated with multiple doses of VEGF and a single dose of freeze-dried platelets reached 90% closure faster than wounds left untreated. A single administration of trehalose lyophilized and reconstituted platelet [...]

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Assessment of platelet growth factors in supernatants from rehydrated freeze-dried equine platelets and their effects on fibroblasts in vitro

Authors: Fern Tablin, VMD, PhD; Naomi J. Walker, BA; Sara E. Hogle, DVM; Suzanne M. Pratt, DVM; Jeffrey W. Norris, PhD Objective: To determine whether platelet growth factors are preserved in supernatants obtained from rehydrated trehalose-stabilized, freeze-dried (lyophilized) equine latelets and whether those growth factors stimulate fibroblast proliferation and migration and enhance fibroblast-associated contraction in [...]

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