We have some important information to share about the future availability of StablePlate RX®. BodeVet, Inc. recently increased the price of StablePlate RX® in attempt to maintain market availability. Despite this, current conditions do not allow continued manufacturing of this product at a cost that is commercially viable. For this reason, we regret to announce that StablePlate RX® will no longer be available for purchase. We will continue to explore options that have the potential to return this product to the market and assure you that, if such a solution is found, we will promptly take action.

We will continue our commitment to supporting research and scientific inquiry related to StablePlate RX®. Several studies are forthcoming and we hope that continued demonstration of product efficacy and expanded indications will help support opportunity for product revival.

We appreciate your understanding and, above all, your trust over the past 5 years as we have worked diligently to provide this life-saving product for the dogs under your care.

– The Veterinarians and Team Members of BodeVet, Inc.