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Temporal Growth Factor Release from Platelet-Rich Plasma, Trehalose Lyophilized Platelets, and Bone Marrow Aspirate and Their Effect on Tendon and Ligament Gene Expression

Authors: Taralyn McCarrel and Lisa Fortier Abstract: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has generated substantial interest for tendon and ligament regeneration because of the high concentrations of growth factors in platelet a-granules. This study compared the temporal release of growth factors from bone marrowaspirate (BMA), PRP, and lyophilized platelet product (PP), and measured their effects on tendon [...]

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Trehalose lyophilized platelets for wound healing

Authors: Giorgio Pietramaggiori, MD; Arja Kaipainen, MD, PhD; David Ho, PhD; Cindy Orser, PhD; Walter Pebley, PE; Alan Rudolph, PhD, MBA; Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD Abstract: Fresh platelet preparations are utilized to treat a wide variety of wounds, although storage limitations and mixed results have hampered their clinical use. We hypothesized that concentrated lyophilized [...]

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Single Dose Toxicity Study Of Canine Thrombosomes™ In Dogs Followed By A 14-Day Observation Period

Study Director: Jonathan C. White, M.S.A. Abstract: This study was conducted for Cellphire, Inc., to evaluate the safety of the test article, Canine Thrombosomes™, following a single infusion dose of 10x the native platelet protein per animal (10x) or 3 doses of 1x the native platelet protein per animal (3x). Two treatment groups of six [...]

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Clinical Development of Stabilized Platelets for In-fusible Clinical Applications

Investigator: William T. Phillips, MD Co-Investigators: Vibhudutta Awasthi, PhD and Beth Goins, PhD Abstract: To study the circulation kinetics of freeze-dried platelets (FDP) in normal rabbits and to investigate the effect of re-injection of human freeze-dried platelets (thrombosomes). There were no observed differences in accumulation of endogenous platelets and FDPs in other tissues. It is [...]

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