BodeVet is solving the unmet needs of companion and exotic animals for transfusion medicine and regenerative therapies. Built on socially responsible sourcing, cGMP manufacturing and product consistency, BodeVet helps the veterinary community provide more predictable and favorable clinical outcomes.

We’ve recently treated an IMHA/IMTP red Boston Terrier named Bean who had pretty severe bleeding and was in-hospital in the ICU for over a week, but she was a great success case! Dr. Zimmerman has kept in personal contact with Bean’s owner since her illness, and she’s doing great at home. Given how well we’ve seen patients improve with it already, we’re all fans of StablePlate RX.
Dr. Joseph Cacioppo
Everyone I’ve spoken with at BodeVet has been wonderful to work with! Tracy has been quick to answer all my questions and getting product and information to us and the Doctor I spoke with was very helpful and great to speak to as well.
Norma Mayo, LVT