The science behind our stabilization technology is a unique, patented methodology for introducing high concentrations of a natural sugar (trehalose) and other small molecular weight species into cellular compartments, enabling the preservation of the cells in a dry state following freeze drying.

This technology is inspired by natural processes. Certain plants and animals naturally utilize trehalose to weather extreme dryness and cold. In these cases, trehalose enables certain animals to remain in stasis for years and “come back to life” when re-exposed to water under ambient conditions. Trehalose may offer these select organisms protection through replacing water or preventing the formation of ice¹. BodeVet harnesses this same principle to preserve animal platelets; trehalose acts together with other proprietary ingredients to stabilize platelets throughout BodeVet’s manufacturing process. BodeVet currently manufactures StablePlate RX™ for canines.

StablePlate RX™ is designed for maximum stability. Current data supports stability for 12 months at room temperature. Ongoing studies are targeting 24 month stability. StablePlate RX™ can be simply reconstituted with the addition of sterile water. Significantly, this blood derived product is light weight and does not require cold chain storage. BodeVet imagines that this technology when applied to other blood components will revolutionize the veterinary market by providing blood derived products with unprecedented stability and efficacy.


  1. Wolkers, Willem F., et al. “Human platelets loaded with trehalose survive freeze-drying.” Cryobiology 42.2 (2001): 79-87.

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StablePlate RX™

StablePlate RX™ is a freeze dried, platelet derived product for hemostasis.

StablePlate PRP™

StablePlate PRP™ is a freeze dried, platelet derived substitute for platelet rich plasma (PRP).