About Us

Our Mission


“To promote animal health and welfare by developing and delivering new treatment solutions to veterinary medical practitioners. Responsiveness, clinical excellence, and innovation are key. We currently develop novel blood products for use in hemostasis and regenerative medicine.”



Formed in 2015, BodeVet, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cellphire, Inc. BodeVet uses technology borrowed from Cellphire to develop veterinary medicines.

Cellphire originally formed in 2006 to research innovative cell stabilization technologies. Cellphire applied this technology to blood platelets and created Thrombosomes®, a stable, platelet-derived product. Platelets naturally prevent bleeding in humans and in animals, but have a short (5 day) shelf life when removed from the body; platelet units are scarce. Unlike platelets, Thrombosomes® have a shelf life measured in years, and the potential to profoundly influence bleeding management.

Thrombosomes® were tested for safety and efficacy in canine and rabbit models. These results were provided to CVM (FDA) as Cellphire sought permission to commercialize stable, platelet-derived products for animals. BodeVet was formed to develop products for animals, its first product, StablePlate RX™, will be launched at IVECCS in September 2017. Although primarily focused on canine and equine conditions, BodeVet is also supporting work focused at endangered species (elephants, cheetah and rhinos).

BodeVet’s team works closely with Cellphire’s to ensure its technologies are translated as effectively as possible. BodeVet is staffed and advised by world leaders in veterinary medicine.